Colonial Era


Unit 1 Vocab



1. Aim: Describe the geography of the original 13 colonies of the United States?


2. Aim: How did European colonization impact native populations?



3. Aim: What are the Origins of American Democracy?

Mayflower Compact -Perspective

Roots of Govt. Group Activity

4. Aim: In what ways did early strife & conflict between Colonist and Native Americans impact the colonies including King Phillip’s War, and Bacon’s Rebellion.

The Natives and the English – Crash Course US History #3



While watching the video please list and describe interactions between the colonist and Native Americans.

Aim: What Caused King Philips War of 1675?

Do Now:

1.What was happening to New England’s Native American population
before 1675?

b. What were the results of King Philip’s War?

c. Based on what you read, what do you think caused King Philip’s War?

What Caused King Philips War

Why is Bacon’s Rebellion so important to American History?

Bacon’s Rebellion_ The Declaration (1676)


5.Aim: How did the geography of North America impact the development of the early British colonies?

Regional Economies PPT



6. Aim: How did indentured servitude compare to slavery? What was similar
about both roles? What was different?




7. Aim: How can one explain the Salem witchcraft hysteria in 1692?


Salem Lesson Plan_0


8. Aim: In what ways did Salutary Neglect lead to the development of the 13 colonies?

How A Little Neglect Went a Long Way 8


9. Aim:How did competition with the French in North America impact the 13 British colonies?




-Mercantilism-and-triangle-trade Hand out


10. Aim: How did the French and Indian War start the problems between the colonies and Britain?



Seven Years War Assessment


11.  Aim:Why did the American colonies’ relationship with Britain sour?


-12-End-of-Salutary-Neglect_hand outdoc


12. Review



13. Test