Civil War Era



1.Aim: How did Americans react to the threat of war with France? During times of war, what should be the limits on civil rights?

2.Aim: How did the Marshall Courts shape the evolution of the American identity?




Unit 3 Vocab



3. Aim: Was President Thomas Jefferson correct to have made the Louisiana Purchase?

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4. Aim: What foreign policy goals, values, and strategies guided the U.S. purchase of Louisiana?





5. Should America have gone to war? The War of 1812


War of 1812 Assessment_0

6. Aim: Analyze the impact of the Erie Canal on the United States of America?

7. Aim: How did the Monroe Doctrine influence US Foreign policy for years to come?




8. Andrew Jackson




8.To what extent was the resettlement of the Native Americans by the federal government just or unjust? Was Native American removal and resettlement justified?


Pt. 2

1.Aim: How does Manifest Destiny influence feelings of sectionalism in America between 1800 – 1860?



2.How did westward expansion lead to increased conflicts between the North and South over slavery? What compromises did the North and South attempt to make?






3. Aim: Should the United States annex Texas?


4. Aim: Aim: What did the ruling in the Dred Scott case mean for African Americans in 1857

Do Now: List five qualities of an American citizen. Do YOU have all five of those qualities? Why or why not? By your own definition, are you an American citizen?



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I, Too



6. Aim: Was Nat Turner a hero or a madman?

Historical Marker Activity


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9. Aim: How does Lincoln use the power of Hope to win the Civil War?




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17. Unit3_ThematicEssay_Sectionalism

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America the Story of US-Civil War