Responses to Imperialism

How did Indian nationalists begin their struggle for independence?

CO: 747-750   CN: 731-733  P: 785-787    PIB: 887-889   PIR: 785-787

  1. Define the following terms: non-violence   b. civil disobedience  c. Great Salt March
  2. Identify the Amritsar Massacre and explain how affected Indian nationalism.
  3. What did Mohandas Gandhi do to fight against British rule?
  4. Making Connections: Gandhi’s ideas were very influential, what famous American used his ideas in the 1960’s?


: How did India rebel against imperialists?

Gandhi trailer

Amritsar Massacre

Gandhi Clip on the Salt March


How did nationalism affect the Middle East?

Modernization in Turkey

CO: 744-747   CN: 728-730   P: 788-789, 901-905    PIB: 890-891   PIR: 788-789

  1. Define the following terms: a. mandate   b. Pan Arabism   c. Zionism
  2. What changes did Mustafa Kemal make in Turkey during the 1920’s?
  3. Making Connections: Mustafa Kemal is not the first man to westernize his country. What other countries have westernized since the 1860’s?

Aim: How did nationalism affect the Middle East?

secret govt. questions


African voices


What should World leaders do


Why did nationalism develop in Africa between the first and second world wars?

CO: 741-744   CN: 726-728   P: 896-900, 916-920    PIB: 858-861   PIR: 775-785

  1. Explain TWO reasons for the development of African nationalism
  2. Discuss TWO ways in which African nationalists reacted to European nationalism.
  3. Imagine you are a South African, write a letter to a friend explaining your views on apartheid.


Why did African states gain independence in the second half of the 20th century?


How did nationalism affect the African continent after World War II?

CO: 924-928    CN: 908-919  P: 896-900   PIB: 1012-1016, 1040-1045  PIR: 896-900

  1. Identify: a. Kwame Nkrumah   b. Jomo Kenyatta
  2. Explain how each nation won its independence: a. Kenya   b. Algeria  c. Ghana
  3. Imagine you are an African citizen during the mid 1900s, write a brief explanation as to why you wanted independence from colonialist rule.
  4. Why were African nations able to win their independence after World War II?


How was apartheid overcome in South   Africa?


Gandhi, Mandela background reading

Important People Nelson+Mandela+inaugural+address


Sarafina-the movie-FHAO

CO: 938-942    CN: 925-927    P: 918-920      PIB: 1043-1044    PIR: 917-920

  1. Identify the following: a. Nelson Mandela  b. African National Congress
  2. Explain the meaning of apartheid and how it hurt the black majority of South Africa.
  3. How was apartheid ended in South   Africa?


Why did dynastic rule end in China? PPT

Sun Yat-Sen Reading

Why did China experience unrest in the years following World War I?

CO: 751-754   CN: 734-737   P: 781-784   PIB: 882-886   PIR: 781-784

  1. Explain the role of Sun Yat-Sen in the Chinese Revolution.
  2. Identify: Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong
  3. Why did the Communists oppose Nationalist rule?
  4. How did the Long March help Mao Zedong gain support?
  5. What happened in China in 1949?

Struggle for power in China

Chinese Nationalist Movement Skit

How did Mao Zedong “remake” China?

CO: 880-883   CN: 864-865    P: 862-865    PIB: 972-975    PIR: 864-865

  1. How did Mao Zedong come to power?
  2. What was the Great Leap Forward?
  3. What was the Cultural Revolution? How did it affect life in China?
  4. Making Connections: Mao Zedong’s policies had many similarities to another communist leader, who was that leader and what were the policies.

Do Not Spit at Random Play

The Poster Art of Revolutionary China

Mao Dbq

DBQ 23 Response to Imperialism