30- Rise in Fascism


Aim: Why were facist leaders able to gain blind loyalty amongst their followers?

The Wave

Aim: Why did Fascism Develop in In Italy and Germany? PPT


How did Italy become a fascist state?

CO: 774-777   CN: 757-760   P: 807-809    PIB: 910-911     PIR: 807-808

  1. Define and identify the following: a. fascism   b. Blackshirts  c. Benito Mussolini
  2. What problems existed in Italy after WWI?
  3. How did Mussolini and his Fascist party come to power?
  4. How did Mussolini change Italy?


Aim: How did the Nazis come to power in Germany? PPT

hw ch 30 sec 4

How did the Nazis come to power in Germany?

CO: 778-783    CN: 761-765    P: 809-811    PIB: 912-914     PIR: 808-810

  1. What problems existed in Germany during the 1920’s that led to the rise of extremist parties like the Nazis?
  2. What were the main ideas of Nazism?
  3. How did the Great Depression and the Treaty of Versailles help Hitler rise to power?
  4. Imagine you are a German citizen in the late 1920’s. The Depression has just hit and the world economy is plummeting, explain why you might support the Nazi Party?


Aim: What were conditions like for people under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party?-Erikas Story


Nazi Ideas

Why did the Nazis make the Jews their special targets?

CO: 781    CN: 765   P: 831-834     PIB: 936-939       PIR: 814-815, 831-834


  1. Define the following terms: a. anti-Judaism   b. pogroms   c. anti-Semitism   d. ghetto
  2. Explain how the terms ghetto and pogrom were part of the Jewish historical experience.
  3. What were some events that occurred to the Jews under the Nazis?

Aim: Who was responsible for the crimes of the Holocaust?


Perspectives_on_Haulocaust/ Time Man of the Year (group assignment)


Aim: How Did Andre Trocme’s underdog status propel him toward dissidence in Nazi occupied France?

D&G Handout





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