28-Russian Revolution

Terms Chapter 28

Lesson #1


Aim: Why were Russian people unhappy with Czarist rule? PPT

DBQ Lenin

Lesson #2

Russian Revolution Play

How did Russia become the first communist state?

CO: 720-723   CN: 701-706   P: 772-774    PIB: 868-873       PIR: 772-774

  1. Define and identify the following: a. Karl Marx  b. Vladimir Lenin  c. Leon Trotsky  d. Bolshevik  e. communism
  2. How did the Bolsheviks come to power in Russia?
  3. What did Lenin promise the people?
  4. Explain why Lenin adopted each policy: a. Signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany  b. introducing the New Economic Policy  c. renaming the U.S.S.R



  1. A.    Historical Research:

Vladimir Lenin is one of the most influential men of the twentieth century. He is still a beloved character in Russian history and his body is still on display in Moscow until this day. In a 3-5 paragraph essay explain why the Russian people care for Lenin so much. What did he do for the people? Why is he so important to the Russian people?


Lesson # 3

Aim: How well did Joseph Stalin govern Russia? PPT


DBQ 5 year plan

DBQ Forced Labor Camps

DBQ Socialist Realism

DBQ symbols of soviet union

How well did Joseph Stalin govern Russia?

CO: 723-729   CN: 707-717   P: 772-774    PIB: 868-873       PIR: 775-780

  1. Define and identify the following terms: a. totalitarian  b. collectivization  c. purge   d. Five-Year Plan
  2. How did Stalin become the dictator of the Soviet Union?
  3. Why did he want to collectivize the farms of Soviet Russia?
  4. What were the Five-Year Plans? Were they successful?


  1. Historical Research:

The twentieth century is home to some of the world’s most brutal and ruthless leaders in world history. Joseph Stalin is considered one of the most ruthless men in world history. In a 3-5 paragraph essay explain what he did to gain this title.


Russian Rev storybook assignment




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