27- WWI

Lesson # 1


Aim: How can one explain the outbreak for World War I? PPT

WWI Reading

WWI Political Cartoon assignment


Which nation should bear the greatest blame for the outbreak of World War I?

CO: 697-700   CN: 682-689   P: 747-751      PIB: 845-849   PIR: 744-746

  1. Explain why each of the following nations became involved in World War I:             a) Austria-Hungary     b) Serbia     c) Russia     d) Germany     e) France  f) Britain    g) Ottoman Empire
  2. All of the countries above were involved in WWI within the first year. But in your opinion, which country is to blame for WWI? Explain.


  1. A.    Historical Research:

The Armenian Massacre was the first genocide of the 20th century. It happened in 1915 amidst the horrors of WWI. Armenian Christians were massacred by the Ottoman Turks, but they deny it ever happened. In a 3-4 paragraph essay explain what this event was.


Lesson # 2

Aim: Was the Treaty of Versailles a good peace treaty? PPT

Was the Treaty of Versailles a good peace treaty?

 CO: 711   CN: 694-697   P: 760-763    PIB: 858-861   PIR: 760-763

  1. Define and identify the following: a. reparation  b. the Fourteen Points c. self-determination
  2. Which one the Fourteen Points was included in the Treaty of Versailles?
  3. What were some of the terms of the treaty of Versailles?
  4. In your opinion, do you think that this treaty was fair? Explain your decision.
  5. Making Connections: What do you think was a future result of this treaty?

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