Imperialism Unit Organizer

Lesson # 1

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Aim: What factors led to the new imperialism of the 1800’s? PPT

homework ch 25 sec 1


Lesson # 2

Aim: Why was there a scramble for Africa? PPT

Scramble in Berlin

Divide and Conquer in Africa

DBQ 18 Imperialism in Africa

homework ch 25 sec 2

How was Africa affected by European imperialism?

CO: 635-636  CN: 621-626  P: 685-689  PIR: 685-689  PIB: 773-778

  1. Define the following: a. imperialism  b. protectorate  c. colony d. Social Darwinism 
  2. Identify the European motives for imperialism.
  3. Explain how Dr. Livingstone’s story helped start European imperialism.
  4. Identify the parts of Africa that were occupied by each of the following countries:      a. England  b. France  c. Germany  d. Belgium  e. Spain  f. Portugal   g. Italy


Alternative History: The Europeans had controlled and manipulated countries in Africa for decades after imperialism. This had a profound effect on the way the African countries developed. WHAT IF the Europeans were unsuccessful in their attempt to colonize Africa? How would Africa be different? Explain in a 3-4 paragraph essay


Lesson # 3

Aim: How did Britain gain control of and govern India? PPT

DBQ 17 Imperialism in India

Indian Perspective Journal entries

HW ch 20 sec 4


How did Britain gain control of and govern India?

  CO: 644-649   CN: 631-634   P: 701-705    PIR: 701-705    PIB: 791-795

  1. Explain how the British East India Company gained control of India.
  2. Identify: a. the Amritsar Massacre  b. the Sepoy Mutiny
  3. Explain the early Indian reaction to British rule.
  4. Identify the positive and negative aspects of British rule in India.


Lesson # 4

How drugs Changed a Country Opium Wars

Aim: How did China become a victim of imperialism? PPT

Fall of the Last Dynasty Notes

HW ch 20 sec 5

How did China become a victim of imperialism?

         CO: 649-653    CN: 635-639   P: 715-719   PIR: 715-719   PIB: 805-809

  1. Identify the following: a. Spheres of Influence  b. extraterritoriality 
  2. Explain how the opium sold by Britain affected the people of China?
  3. Explain the impact of the Opium War on China.
  4. Explain the impact of the Sino-Japanese War on China. 


Choose one of the following:

  1. A.    Alternative History: The Opium War was a decisive battle in Asian history and is considered a major turning point for the Chinese. When they lost the war, the door was opened up the British who manipulated them for decades. WHAT IF the Chinese had won the Opium War? How would China have been different?
  2. B.     Historical Research: The Taiping Rebellion was the bloodiest civil war in world history. Nearly 30,000,000 people died in this war. In a 3-4 paragraph essay explain why the civil war took place, what were the two sides fighting over and what the outcome was for China.

Lesson # 5

Aim: How did Japan resist imperialism? PPT


How did Japan resist the threat of imperialism?

  CO: 658-663   CN: 644-649   P: 720-723   PIR: 720-723   PIB: 810-813

  1. Explain why Commodore Perry of the U.S was sent to Japan.
  2. Explain Japanese reaction to the United States in Japan.
  3. Explain why the Meiji Restoration was a turning point in Japanese history.
  4. Explain how the Japanese strengthened themselves and avoided becoming a victim of imperialism unlike other countries.



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