23-Nationalism in Europe

Ch 23 terms

Aim: How Did Nationalism fuel the fire to Unify Italy and Germany?

homework ch 23 sec 1

How did Otto von Bismarck unify Germany?

CO: 584-590  CN: 571-576  P: 616-618  PIR: 616-618  PIB: 695-697

  1. Explain the problems that kept Germany divided during the 1800s.
  2. Analyze Otto von Bismarck’s policy of Blood and Iron.
  3. Explain how his policy unified Germany.
  4. Debate how Bismarck should be viewed in world history.

Aim: How did music influence German Nationalism ? Activity

Nationalism in Germany Reading

Life and Times of Otto Von Bismark group asignment



  1. Alternative History: Otto von Bismarck is considered one of the most influential leaders of the nineteenth century. In Germany, Bismarck is still one of the most loved figures in Germany history. WHAT IF Bismarck was never made prime minister? WHAT IF he was not given a position in the German government? How would Germany have been affected? Explain in a brief 3-4 paragraph essay.

homework ch 23 sec 2


Aim: How Did Nationalism help unify Italy? ppt

DBQ Manzzini

geo worksheet unifying Italy + Garibaldi

Nationalism in Italy reading


How did Nationalism help unify Italy?

  CO: 590-594  CN: 577-580  P: 615-616  PIR: 615-616  PIB: 694-695

  1. Define nationalism and explain how nationalism can affect a country.
  2. Describe how Italy was broken up before 1871.
  3. Explain the role of each of the following people: a. Giuseppe Mazzini   b. Count Camillo Cavour   c. Giuseppe Garibaldi  d. King Victor Emanuel II
  4. Debate which of these men was most responsible for the unification of Italy.




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