19- French Revolution


Vocabulary Terms Chapter 19

French Revolution Movie questions

Aim: Why was France unhappy with absolute leadership? PPT

HW#-1- Aim: Why was France unhappy with absolute leadership?

CO: 480-483  CN: 468-472  P: 573-576  PIR: 573-576   PIB: 651-655

  1. Define the following: a. bourgeoisie  b. first estate  c. second estate  d. third estate
  2. Explain the political structure of France in 1789.
  3. Describe how members of the third estate dealt with the problems in France.
  4. Examine and identify the causes of the French Revolution.


ch 19 sec 1 hw


  1. A.    Alternative History: Louis XVI did not acknowledge the needs of the Third Estate and eventually paid the dearest cost. WHAT IF Louis XVI gave in to the needs of the bourgeoisie how would France have been different?


HW # 2- Why was the first phase of the French Revolution its most productive phase?

                         CO: 484-489  CN: 473-477  P: 577-579  PIR: 577-579  PIB: 654-655  

  1. Explain the importance of each of the following: a. Declaration of the Rights of Man b. Constitution of 1791   c. The Civil Constitution of the Clergy
  2. Explain how these documents were meant to weaken the power of the government.
  3. Explain why the first phase of the revolution considered the most productive.


ch 19 sec 2 hw


 Aim: Why did the French Revolution turn Radical? PPT

Why did the French Revolution take a “radical” turn?

                        CO: 490-492  CN: 478-483  P: 580-583  PIR: 580-583  PIB: 656-661  

  1. Define the following terms: a. reactionary  b. conservative  c. moderate  d. radical     e. Jacobins  f. Robespierre  g. Guillotine  h. Reign of Terror
  2. Distinguish the differences between the conservatives, moderates, and radicals.
  3. Explain how the Jacobins came to power.
  4. Explain the purpose of executing King Louis XVI.
  5. Evaluate the effect of the Reign of Terror on the French Revolution.

ch 19 sec 3 hw



  1. A.    Historical Research: Why is the period of French history lead by Robespierre known as the Reign of Terror? In a paragraph, give examples of some of the things that allowed the period to obtain that name.


Aim: Was Napoleon a “son” of the French Revolution? PPT

10.02 CL French Revolution STAGE 4 Age of Napoleon

Was Napoleon a “son” of the French Revolution?

                        CO: 494-502  CN: 488-491  P: 586-592  PIR: 586-592  PIB: 668-671

  1. Analyze and debate the achievements of Napoleon.
  2. Explain some of the changes Napoleon made in France.
  3. Explain the impact Napoleon’s lose had on Europe.
  4. Compare the reign of Napoleon with other great leaders such as Caesar or Alexander.



worksheet pol cartoon Nap v Brit


A. Alternative History: Napoleon’s lose at the Battle of Waterloo was a significant defeat for France. France was the most powerful nation in the world and after Napoleon’s fall, France was going to be severely punished. But WHAT IF Napoleon did not lose? WHAT IF he won the Battle of Waterloo and returned triumphantly to France? How would France and the world have been different?

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