the enlightenment Project updated


Aim: Why did a scientific revolution change the way European philosophers understood the world?

How did the Enlightenment affect how people thought?

CO: 456-460  CN: 446-450   P: 551-555   PIR: 551-556  PIB: 629-634

  1. Define the following terms: a. Enlightenment b. censorship  c. philosophy
  2. Explain what the Enlightenment was and how the Scientific Revolution and thought of natural laws inspired this period.
  3. Explain the ideas of: a. Locke  b. Rousseau  c. Voltaire     d. Montesquieu  e. Diderot
  4. Compare and contrast Enlightenment ideas with the ideas of the Middle Ages.


ch 18 sec 1 hw

The Enlightenment Project

Were the kings and queens of Europe influenced by the Enlightenment?

CO: 461-465  CN: 451-455  P: 561-562  PIR: 558-562   PIB: 638-639

  1. Define the following: a. despot  b. enlightened  c. reform
  2. Explain the reforms made by the following enlightened despots: a. Frederick the Great of Prussia  b. Catherine the Great of Russia  c. Joseph II of Austria
  3. Debate how the lives of the people were affected by the ideas of the Enlightenment


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