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Aim: How did Absolute Monarchs in Spain consolidate power? PPT


Aim: How did French Rulers ensure absolute power? PPT

How did French Rulers ensure absolute power?

  1. Define and identify the following: a. Huguenot  b. Cardinal Richelieu   c. Louis XIV
  2. Louis XIV said “”L’État, c’est moi” (“I am the State”). What does this quote mean?
  3. How did Louis XIV create a golden age in France?
  4. List TWO successes and TWO failures of Louis XIV’s reign.

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Aim: How did the British Resist Absolute Rule?

England Transforms into a Limitied Monarchy Play

How did a limited monarchy develop in England?

CO: 212, 433-435 CN: 208, 421-426  P: 353, 536-539 PIR: 353, 536-539  PIB: 394, 616-617

  1. Identify the following documents: a. Magna Carta  b. Petition of the Right  c. English Habeas Corpus Act  d. English Bill of Rights
  2. Explain why the Englishmen turned to revolutions in 1640 and 1688.
  3. Explain why the Glorious Revolution is considered a turning point in world history.

Evaluate how these documents eventually led to a limited monarchy in England

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  1. Historical Content:
    1. Create a newspaper headline addressing the changes that occurred in England after 1688.
    2. Write a short article explaining the importance of the changes.



Aim: In What ways did Absolute Monarchs impact Russia?

ch 17 sec 5 hw

A new capital for Russia

Aim: IN what ways did Absolute Monarchs impact Russia?

Book: CO (Maroon/Black): 440-443       CN (Blue): 431-435

  1. Define the following: a. tsar/czar    b. Westernization    c. boyar
  2. How did Peter the Great change Russia?
  3. Why did he want a warm-water port?
  4. What was Peter the Great’s legacy?



Europe’s Absolute Monarchs

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